The Team


沈青華 (CAKO)
華 多年前巧合地認識了各飛躍道的創會人員,基於對 Parkour運動的熱愛,與志同道合的一群創會會員們創立了 飛躍道。 他的熱誠令使他從不停步地將自己的Parkour知識和技術加深。 本承 Be Strong, to be useful 的信念,華 立志將 Parkour 運動推廣給廣大的香港人,立志以訓練得來強大的能力,向對此感興趣的人分享開去,讓他們得到正確的認知和訓練。

A founding member of HKPA, Cako met other originators by chance. From the shared passion towards the discipline of parkour, they set up the HKPA, and this passion has never stopped to push him to a better knowledge and skills in parkour. The motto be strong to be useful has followed him when he dedicates himself in promoting parkour. By improving his strength and sharing it, he made himself useful in spreading the proper knowledge and training methods to others.