The Team


王浩鋒 (Govad)
王浩鋒 飛躍道創會會員 飛躍道創作總監
或許他的漆黑的頭巾,會比他的臉更令人印象深刻。由香港的Parkour運動發蹟至今,他不遺餘力去發展Parkour文化。多年的全力投身於Parkour事業中,令他有非常豐富的表演和拍攝經驗,同時地,他亦為HKPA 飛躍道創作總監,主力處理飛躍道對外事宜。同時他除表演、教學方面外,亦為飛躍道進行設計工作,擔當行常飛躍道之照片及影片拍攝事務。

Wong Ho Fung, Founder and Creative Director of HKPA
The black do-rag strikes the greatest impression on others.

With a very fresh outlook on parkour, he makes every endeavor to educate and develop the culture in Hong Kong through community practice and social awareness.

After many years devoted to parkour, he has built plenty of performance and filming experience from both performances and TVCs, and recently taking on the Creative Director role of HKPA; handling the external affairs of HKPA most of the time. Moreover, he also designs for HKPA and is responsible for photographs and filming.