The Team



Msc(ex.sci), Bsc(ex.sci), Cert.Ed(P.E.)

NASM-CPT,PES  飛躍道創會會員

KAZUYA,飛躍道的靈魂人物。身為主教練的他,除有豐富的Parkour 知識外,更有多項相關的國際性運動資格,他的學歷和教學經驗,對飛躍道的發展起了爆炸性的作用。憑藉他專業的能力和經驗,他擔起飛躍道很多的決策工作,如設計訓練課程、行政決策、發展方向等。同時,他憑著他的專業,帶領一眾飛躍道的教練為學員提供正面,有效及整全的訓練,堅持Be Strong, to be useful,To be and to last,除將Parkour於生理上正面的幫助推廣給大家,更醉心研究Parkour的歷史及理念,將Parkour對心靈的好處帶給練習者。 現在KAZUYA亦不斷的進修及練習,相信飛躍道亦會因他能力的提升,亦同時有所昇華。

Kazuya has been the soul of HKPA, being the head coach to the team. In addition to parkour, he has multiple internationally-recognized sports qualifications. He boosted the development of HKPA with his knowledge and experience. He took up quite a number of decision work, like designing training courses, admin work, directing etc. He led the coaches of HKPA to provide positive, effective and complete training for students, hoping they could also be strong to be useful, striving to be and to last. On top of bringing the physical benefits to other people, Kazuya is eager to learn about the history and concepts of parkour, advocating also the mental benefits to others. He believed the HKPA would progress with his constant study and practice.