The Team


甘梓楊現正就讀於香港城市大學建築測量系二年級,第一次於電影Yamakasi 認識parkour,其後幾經轉折在一次商場的表演接觸到飛躍道。於08年初開始練習parkour,至今一年多的時間‧在加入飛躍道前,其主要的運動為排球及跆拳道,鍛鍊出一副強健及靈活之體魄‧他對運動的執着及熱誠更感染到與其一同訓練的同伴‧

Victor is in his second year of City-U surveying program. He found out about parkour in the  movie Yamakasi and ran into a live performance of the HKPA in a shopping arcade. He started parkour in ’08, before which he has already trained a strong body and soul from his favorite sports, volleyball and taekwando. His dedication and enthusiasm spreads to those around.
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