The Team


盧振宗 飛躍道會員
宗,性格認真,為Parkour的狂熱愛好者,相對其他隊員,雖然宗練習的日子相對短,不過憑著他的努力和對Parkour的熱誠,他用技術取得所有人的認同。 不論技術上及理念上,都對Pakrour有著獨特的理解。除克苦的訓練外, 他也不忘為飛躍道擔起策畫活動、教學及外出表演等工作。

Lo Chun Chung, member of HKPA
Chung is a serious fellow only when practicing parkour. Spending a shorter duration in HKPA compared with other members, he won the recognition in the group with his dedication and passion for the sport. He holds a unique outlook in parkour technique and concepts. Besides the tough training, he would help the HKPA in organizing functions, coaching and performances.