Flow as One / 一心 躍動


本會定名為“香港飛躍道協會”,圖為本會徽號,為小篆體之「飛」字。意為飛鳥般騰行於空中,我們相信「飛」能展現出Parkour 運動中所追求的自由信念及躍動的生命力。 “飛躍”一詞比喻事物有快速而突破的進展,寓意為衝破難關,奮發向前的不撓精神。“道”一字出自《道德經》,《三略》有云:「道者,人之所蹈」。本來是指人所走的路,現藉由Parkour敞開心胸和勇於接納,將許多障礙當成隱藏轉變的契機,克服內心的抗拒和困阨。


  • 強大的身體,強大的心靈 (Strong Body, Strong Mind)
  • 成為強大,以致為用 (Be Strong to be Useful)
  • 視障礙為機遇 (Obstacles as Opportunities)
  • 堅持與持續 (To Be and to Last)
  • 一起開始,一起結束 (We Start Together, We Finish Together)


The Hong Kong Parkour Association, or the HKPA is one of the most recognized parkour or ‘the art of displacement’ (ADD, l’art du deplacement) organizations in Hong Kong and China. The crew is formed by a group of people who are dedicated to promote any parkour or ADD-related activities in performances and shows, as well as training courses and workshops to lead the development and improvement of the discipline of parkour.